Affiliate partners

Aytopia Inc
Webihouse partner | USA

I owned a tech company in Pakistan for 10 years called Wholelife Tech. i was always concerned about outsourcing my tech work to a company i did not know. After getting to know Aftab and experiencing his work for years, i decided to close my office and move my projects and team to Webihouse. I also decided to become a Webihouse affiliate recommending the company to my friends, family and my local business community.

Shahid Sattar
Webihouse partner | Canada

I am very impressed by the quality of the team working on my clients projects. The team displays a real understanding of our issues and comes to the table with great suggestions and ideas. For each project i bring them, they assemble the perfect professional and experienced team for it, manage the project, from speedy delivery, low cost and follow up maintenance.

Webihouse partner | UK

In our modern world it is now supposedly easy to design and build your own web site and maintain it, however as any of us that have tried know – it is a steep learning curve and ends up taking hours of our valuable time – Having Webihouse as our tech partner has allowed me to have more of my time for our business instead of managing our tech. I have also helped quite a few friends build their dream website with Aftab’s excellent help.

Hellmut Wolf
Webihouse partner | Germany

We have owned a web design company called Wolf Digital Design, for 5 years, and we just decided to rebrand the company to Wolf Tech, and to partner with Aftab and Webihouse, as well as with my old friend Ayman Sawaf. We are looking forward to do great work for our artists and clients together.